My work is mostly about nature, earth we live in and inspiration by walks in the woodlands, rivers, beaches, hills and mountains.

Our environment is always changing, seasons, time of day, weather, climate, wherever in the world we are. Drastic skies, wind that blows, stormy seas, and I believe it is an inspiration for us all, whatever it is in, arts, life itself, how we meet people, where and how we live our lives.

All seasons have their own variation to give. The shifting between them and seeing our nature change in front of us can be, and most of the time is, a very beautiful occurrence. For me, being Swedish, I love all of them, the snow on the branches changing to water drops in springtime, the first coltsfoot by the roads when spring becomes summer, the crisp and colorful leaves in autumn, the first frosts that stays the hole day in early winter.

Nature is not only what you can see and touch, it is all around usĀ  in spirit and the power that it gives us is vital for our health, survive and create.

Please feel free to contact me for collaborations, exhibitions/installations, ideas about workshops, commissions.