Projection mapping

I have been looking in to software for video mapping for my projectors, something I have wanted to do for some time and aslo something that I can see myself doing for other companies; bars, cafes, shops and also doctors offices and waiting areas for hospital since I see my videos as very calming and relaxing.

coming along

So a few more widgets and more personal statements up, contact details, more photos up now. Still working on it though, but coming along nicely so far. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Went for a walk today in the hills of Argentona, never get tired of the views from there, just stunning. The terrain goes from very dry soil to humid forests. I tend to collect things while walking, no difference today. This is todays find that I plan to mix in to a work.

Speak later. Take care, always.

Helen xx

My little space

Hello and welcome to my little space, I am currently building it up with photos, videos and widgets. I am newly moved to Spain from Isle of Man and I want to use this space to get in contact with other artists around the area, for work, projects, classes, collaborations, exhibitions, you name it.

I am from Sweden, grew up there with my mum, dad and two sisters in a small town outside of Stockholm, a very happy and loving childhood that have shaped both me and my artwork that I do today.

Nature is my main theme and where I get my inspiration from, you can read my artists statement on this site on the ‘Info’ bottom.

My town now is Argentona, very close to Mataro and not far away from Barcelona. Get in contact with me if have any ideas about art ideas in the area.

Take care, Helen