2011-2013 Foundation course, Isle of Man University College (Distinction)
2013-2015 HND, Isle of Man University College (Distinction)
2015-1016 BA Honours in Fine Arts, Isle of Man University College via Chester UNI (1st)

2015 Awarded acknowledgement diploma from IOM college higher degree
2015 Granted funding for a group exhibition at Manx Museum from IOM Art Council

2012-2016 Sole responsibility of our own space end of year shows at IOM University
2014‘Our island home’, selected pieces from IOM’s Art Council’s Collection, Villa Marina
2016 Assisting curator ‘Of Time and Place’ Peter Davies at Sayle Gallery
2016 Assisting curator ‘A Man Apart’ Simon Buttimore at Sayle Gallery
2017 Assisting curator ‘4 years on’ at Sayle Gallery

2011-2015 End of year school shows
2015 Group show at Manx Museum, Articulate
2016 Group show at Hodgeson & Looms, Inspiration
2016 Group show Isle of Man Art Festival at Market Hall
2016 Group show ‘Art in the Park’ at Sayle Gallery
2016 Solo exhibition at Toras Bodar, Att vaga lamna fotspar, Enkoping, Sweden
2016 Huge scale Christmas window display at Sayle Gallery
2017 Group show at Hodgeson & Looms, Time
2017 Group show at Sayle ‘4 years on’
2017 Group show at Galleri Nexus, Denmark ‘Far out’
2017 Group show in Zine Format at Inland ‘Neither’ in different places around Europe
2017 Group show in Japan, Urushi exhibition, selected from jury
2020 Group show in Japan, Urushi exhibition, selected from jury

2015 Catalogue experience together with IOM Art Council
2016 Window display at Sayle Gallery with Kirsten Penzes
2017 ‘The fate of the red string’ with Kirsten Penzes
2017 ‘Wearable arts’ with Kirsten Penzes

2015 Article in Manx Tails, The potential of nature, my own words
2016 Enkopings posten interviewed by journalist Gunilla Edstrom
2016 Article in Manx Tails, Essentia, written by Jo Davis
2016 Article in Gallery Magazine, Essentia, written by Suzy Holland
2016 Radio interview Manx Radio, Woman’s Hour



Essay – The value of nature in art