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Collage work

I am working on a series of collage paintings, using ink, chalk, coal, pen and different kinds of paper. It is lots of houses, nests, being in two different places. My houses are wonky and perspectives are way off, by purpose, have never been a perfect drawer or someone who can do angles correctly, so this is my way. They are all still in working progress, but I like the basic idea, the tones, the pixels and the message.

Small Worlds

I have an upcoming group exhibition coming up in Aabenraa, Denmark, the title is ‘Small Worlds’ and will be showing for 2 months with start 3rd May this year. I feel really inspired by this title and going through old work at the moment to get me going.



This weekend my sisters was here from Sweden, such a lovely time. They inspire me very much and pushes me to think about were I think I can go with my art and ideas about work in the future. I will sit down this week and brain storm on a piece of paper with the ideas we talked about and see were it can take me. Here comes a few inspiration photos from the days.

Sunrise colours with silhouettes.

View from Castell de Burriac.

Trying to get stones up a stone pillar.

‘Moments of freedom’ mosaic installation in Barcelona, stunning piece.

Amazing sunrise at our hotell room.

Small narrow streets.

 Birds in sunset, wires and poles.


Ideas that sometimes is not working

I can sometimes in the middle of the night wake up and have an artwork idea that I then think is good. In the morning I can often see that some of them might not work as well as I thought, other times I do go ahead and try them out, most of them goes to my ‘oooups, that was not what I had in my head’ pile. I am sure that many creatives out there recognise themselves in this.

Well, the idea I had in my last entry, mark making and inking. The process itself was a tedious job, but therapeutic at the same time. The inking of the backside went ok, it didn’t bleed through as much as I have hoped it would to the other side. And now I kind of like the backside as well, hmmm. What do you think?

New ideas and work in progress

I see my work having lots of line and mark marking, following natural lines and working towards enhancing them. I have a few pieces on the go at the moment, some for a few entries for exhibitions, some are for experimentations.

I made this wrapped stones a year ago, as an experiment, and let it soak up some ink. I have never been able to draw well, but I want to draw my sculpture work and have them as a combined piece. Since lines have been there for some times now I thought I try another way of drawing, using a paper knife. I am then hoping to ink it on the backside so the ink transports through to the other side.

Test piece with line marking and ink.

Will show you the result when done.


Japanese exhibition – urushi

I put in an entry in a Japanese exhibition last year, about urushi, which is a lacquer and technique were you apply it over and over again, polish it between the layers to get a very shiny surface. And being a lover of Japanese old ways of doing things and also wabi-wabi (seeing the beauty in imperfection) I felt I had to send in an artwork.

One of my favourite art books are the book ‘how to wrap five eggs’, about traditional Japanese packaging I came up with the idea about using my love of stones ‘how to wrap five stones’.

There was a lot of paperwork to be filled in and a lot of waiting, but to my surprise my piece got selected to be in the exhibition. The other day I got the catalogue from Japan, lovely to have. This is my info. Will do another write up and show you my favourites from the show.


Movement with stillness

I love movement that have that feel of stillness, a calm, a relaxing view for reflection or just enjoyment, a way to destress. These films are all filmed on Isle of Man, everybody who have been there knows about the wind 😉 a bit too much sometimes but then again, climate is something beautiful with all their changes, shows how powerful nature really is.